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Shout it out !!
we need to recruit mor players, not only from our server but from others
hello :D
More BGs today /w me on zendrone or Dexity :)
Making a BG group /w me Dexity at 5.30 Realm Time
Tired as hell, disappointed and sad...worst combo ever...
"Rolling thunder, a dust cloud on the horizon. An army appears out of the dust. Sharp are the blades they carry, grim the look on their faces. Determined man and women, fighting for glory. The sun shines on their armor, banners held high, waving in the wind.
Apocalypse rides."
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Combining Raids

~Rhaeven~, Jul 3, 14 11:17 AM.
A lot has changed since the last time i updated the site. Due to me being in hospital for some months, i basicly stopped recruiting. Jon hasn't been online much either due to work. And well, we kinda stopped raiding as well, due to insufficient people. Now i have made a deal with another guild, Celestial Wrath, who are taking our members to raid with them. It works out pretty damn good, if we have the people, but sadly, due to being summer, holidays and the world soccer, we still lack people. So if you want a raid spot, let me know.

Read the ff raid rules

~Rhaeven~, May 15, 14 3:00 AM.
Oke, blisters on my ass from sitting in hell too long. Yesterday was one of those days you want to forget and do over. Sadly, that is not an option...untill i learn how to work my timemachine

Due to the events of yesterday, we are without officers for a while. I will take control of the guild by myself. The better option for now.

Will try to avoid further drama and will get us back on our feet asap. Just give me a couple of days to pamper bruised egos

From now on there will be a strickter policy regarding raids. Clearly the raid rule that signing up, but not showing up without a reason is overlooked. So i will c/p it for you here.

Signing up, means showing up. Unless you have a valid reason for not showing ie work, my house was on fire. if that is the case, grab your computer and move to the neighbours.
Nah all kidding aside, we have those rules for a reason. You're letting others down when you're a no show.
Penalty:  1 no show, benched for 2 weeks.
              2 no shows, means removal from the raid team and demotion to member.
              3 no shows, means removal from the guild. Clearly you're not a team player and not welcome any longer.

I am done with slacking and the all around mentality, that this guild is only for fun. We don's shy away from it, but our raids are serious business. We do take them serious, but can still have shitloads of fun, when we beat the living crap out of our enemies.

More news to follow, because, this will not be the end of it.

Our Nemesis is down

~Rhaeven~, May 13, 14 4:14 AM.
Finally after weeks of trying and failing, with bad pugs and yay for yesterday, good pugs, we got Nazgrim down. It took a little longer then we expected, but he bit the dust anyway. Galakras and Iron Juggernaut, clean kills, kudo's guys . Little adds mishap on Dark Shamans, but they went down eventually. And then Nazgrim, it took us 3 tries, 1 rage quitter and then we whooped his ass. Maybe thanks to the /ragequit.

Thanks to the pugs that stayed with us and did not leave after 1 wipe on Dark Shamans, they actually surprised me. And thanks to you guys again for a fun night and the progress.

Now back to recruiting, because i want 13 of our own guildies in the team and not have to depend on pugs. So step up if you know you can raid with us. Mininum requirement is flex gear or about 500 ilvl. Talk to either me, Thomas, Daryl, Johnny or any of the other raiders. You know who we are.

New World Order Apocalypse Style

~Rhaeven~, May 5, 14 3:54 AM.
As you all have noticed there has been a change in command. We have some new officers and some old ones that had to step down due to real life issues. If you need to have a chat with either one of us regarding guild, please contact the following persons.

Rhaeve or Naijara :  Gm and all around troubleshooter, i am the cause of most of the trouble, but that's beside the point.

:  Raid Leader, bug him for tactics and raid related issues, if you're persistent enough, he actually might answer you

Moglin and or one of his many alts : For social recruits and interactions, he might be dressed as a french maid with combat boots, if that is the case, approach with caution

Sinkima : Our PvP officer, Alliance hater pur sang, but only when he turned horde. he had to realise first he was on the wrong side all along, but he's forgiven.

So, there it is, the New World Order, well according to Apocalypse ofcourse.

Turning tricks for food. Bunny Community in uproar.

~Rhaeven~, Apr 23, 14 4:41 AM.
Source anonymous. For obvious reasons.

It has come to our attention that a certain Deathknight who shall remain anonymous but we will refer to him as K. has caused a major uproar in the Bunny Community.

Our reporter spotted him in Eversong Woods, turning tricks for food.
When asked K, replied: "No comment".

"Outrageous, what that man is doing. No bunny is save anymore. When we try to lay our eggs, he jumps from behind you and steals them so he can eat. And that's not all, he even seduces the female bunnies into giving him their eggs, by sweet talking to them.
And altho we bunnies have a sense of community, this guy really stops at nothing."

"Well he is an attractive human specimen said one of the female bunnies and he sweet talks you into giving him your eggs. And he looks so cute in those boxers "

So this warning goes out to all bunnies, male and female. Be aware of K. We advice you all to travel in groups and not alone, when you travel through Eversong Woods.
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Founded, jan 3 2010. Apocalypse is a social, fun 10 man raiding guild. Our main goal is to have fun in game and to share that with like minded players.
If you think that is you, then join us.

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