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We are raiding tonight, kick ass and don't forget to have fun ;-)
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"Rolling thunder, a dust cloud on the horizon. An army appears out of the dust. Sharp are the blades they carry, grim the look on their faces. Determined man and women, fighting for glory. The sun shines on their armor, banners held high, waving in the wind.
Apocalypse rides."
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And we actually kill stuff too...amazing ;-p

~Rhaeven~, Dec 5, 14 4:19 AM.
Last wednesday, we finally started our journey through Highmaul and we did just short of a miracle.
Where renowned guilds failed, we were victorious....-well, didn't really expect anything else from you guys -  Kargath HC, was just an epic fight, Too bad the fuse on the Butcher is a little short- that man has anger issues i think- to blow his top after 5 minutes and sends us into oblivion. But his number is up. I am dead sure on that. Ah and then the fungus/mushroom guy, Brackenspore. A little tricky with the flamethrowers, but after some tries, we could bury him with his precious mushrooms. Where he belongs. All in all an outstanding raid and it felt so good to raid with you guys again.

Yesterday we travelled further into Highmaul and we met some very suspecious characters. A rather odd bunch. Tectus, with his split...erm...personality. At first it's easy to follow the tacs, left for huge roadblock, right for lovely but deadly red mist.  The last part is just kick all tacs out of the window and just shoot or hit on anything that is bigger then us. But he/it/they ?? went down after some tries.

The lovely twins...well if you can call them that, i pitty the one hat gave birth to those...must have been very painfull, not to mention scary, . But they died like they came, together.

Our nemesis last night was Ko'ragh, i blame fatigue. We were all tired, because it was a long night after all, but getting him down to 4% is a huge progression in my book. And i know, by sunday, he will be wanting to talk to someone about the truck that hit him and if anybody has seen the licence plate.

Thanks guys for another amazing night.

Teams are up.

~Rhaeven~, Dec 2, 14 6:25 PM.
Finally after a long debate, struggles, hassling and more crap i can't find the name for atm the teams are ready.For now we go with 1 15 man and team 2 will have 16. We have a druid healer coming in. Both teams will raid on the same days and times. So kick some ass guys and let's see what we're made of.

I suggest you all watch the same tactics video's, so there won't be any confusion about what tactic to use for the bosses. It's not to follow them by the letter, but to give you a global idea what's waiting for you. I know, that in the past Apocalypse did it always with a different approach and always got the job done, That makes us unique.

Just remember, this is not a competion between the 2 teams, but a coop. Next year i will sort out TS, when this expires and will take 50 slots instead of the 25 we have now. Team 2 will be using the current TS, team 1 will use a different 1, we got on loan.

As you know by now, almost entire team 2 left the guild last hour, in case you didn't yet, well now you do.    Don't worry, better they leave now, then when we actually have progress with the team. so this means we have spots open for tanks, healers and dps. I will make it my personal crusade to get team 2 going 

Roster for Raid Team 1.

Tanks: Ebayed, Tsukuyommi
Healers: Goud, Melacan, Yolofapanese, Qiria
MDPS: Crownclad, Powernipje, Sandman, Nifhel
RDPS: Rhaeve, Drazet, Chronos, Hybriss, Scott

Roster for Team 2

Log in tomorrow and whisper Chudan for an invite to raid.

Healers: Juciy
MDPS: Legofir, Exongerie, Moldrokk, Hypetrain, Thompoo, Cogsworth
RDPS: Nulfuria,  Gravesong, Zellix,

Raid Info !!!

~Rhaeven~, Nov 26, 14 6:51 AM.

Oke, it seems, that in the guild, there is a huge misconception about the raid teams. People are displeased and don't understand the way we're going about it. I will try to explain, what is going on, in order to putt the unreliable rumors to rest and nip them in the butt. Because that's what they are, rumors. Nothing more. So please for any concerns, questions or anything else come to us, don't listen to others, that will only cause friction in the guild

The only reliable sources about this issue, are Kharro, Drazet and me.
No one else.

We would like to have as many teams running as we have raiders, either 10 mans, or mythic if that is possible. But by the looks of it, that doesn't seem to be the case. So it will be several 10 man teams, maybe 3, or 4 because i know some people don't want to raid mythic. Our goal is to have the main teams run 3 nights a week. Not as competitive teams, but as a coop, because out of those teams, we will form the mythic raiders, when we merge them together.

And to putt another rumor to the graveyard, we don't have elitists teams. Team 1 isn't more than team 2, or team 3, so please get that idea out of your head. This guild doesn't do elitists, we're all in this together, we're all after the same thing and that is to raid with friends and have some fun, and in the mean time kick some ass.

Only thing is we have to devide the raiders, nothing else. Since we're still not sure, who is going to be raiding, who's willing to raid and who's not changing his mind about his or her spec during the course of forming the teams, because that is causing major issues. Healers, that suddenly decide to go dps and tanks, either go healer or dps.

I will be editing the list as we go, because i might have missed some names. If you're name is not on this list, contact Kharro, Drazet or me to add your name to the list.

Raiders we have, in no particular order, those are the ones we know will show up and will be the ones we can count on.
Rhaeve or Naijara, depends on what the team needs. And to make room for another ranged dps.

Those are for now the people that made sure they wanted to raid with us. You'll be missing some names, not because we don't want them in the raid, but because they chose not to raid with us.

The ones that not had any contact with an officer about raids, so we're not sure about those.


Some are not ready yet to raid, but as soon as they are, we will ask them where they stand towards raiding with us, so the list will only grow. Others we simply have not heard of and gave us no response to our messages. That might be an oversight on our end, so i personally will make sure, those are contacted and either Kharro or one of the other officers will have a pow wow with them to ask them about their plans concerning raiding.

So this is what we have, and out of those names we're forming either mythic from the start or multiple teams and later will merge them together.

So please, don't think we've let you down, because we haven't.

WoD Launch, Tomorrow at 00.00

~Rhaeven~, Nov 11, 14 1:26 PM.

As you all know by now, at midnight tomorrow, WoD will launch. Some of us have plans to stay up and lvl as fast as we can, will be a nice competition . After we hit 100, we're going to spam dungeons, so i guess it would be nice to form guild groups instead of using the LFG thingie. It will help us build team spirit and it's always good for a laugh.

Our plans for the guild are to start raiding as soon as possible and yes i know, it won't be as easy as SoO, but i for one am actualy looking forward to a challenge. Don't mind the pessimistic lot, that see doom and gloom around every corner . We have outstanding people in this guild and i know we can do it, if we all putt in some effort.

So make sure to be online tomorrow at midnight and let's kick some ass and have some fun together. 

WoD is coming !!

~Rhaeven~, Oct 11, 14 6:12 PM.
As you guys all know, patch 6.0.2 is just around the corner and that means loads of changes ahead of us. Some will be good, some will be bad and some will be utterly crap, well according to some. . As you all have noticed by now, the guild is growing in numbers and that's a good thing. Reminds me off the glory days on Anachronos. No, that doesn't mean i don't like it here . Best move i made was to Magtheridon, still have no regrets. I will update the site when WoD hits the severs, for now it has no point.
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Founded, jan 3 2010. Apocalypse is a social, fun 10 man raiding guild. Our main goal is to have fun in game and to share that with like minded players.
If you think that is you, then join us.

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