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"Rolling thunder, a dust cloud on the horizon. An army appears out of the dust. Sharp are the blades they carry, grim the look on their faces. Determined man and women, fighting for glory. The sun shines on their armor, banners held high, waving in the wind.
Apocalypse rides."
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And we have arrived....

~Rhaeven~, Mar 25, 14 8:06 PM.
It didn't take long to make the decision to move to Magtheridon, i had to move fast or else we would have lost the guildname and wel...that was not an option. The name was not free, but it belonged to an inactive guild. The GM i spoke to, made the name available, so was glad i could keep our name.

Went on a recruiting rampage with some nice results. Today we welcomed member nr 70 into the guild . Not bad after just a week, with work, and school, so when i get around to it, i will slap myself on the back . Met already some really nice people and it's so good to see the guild booming again. Lively g-chat and jokes all around, usually at my expence, but meh, am used to that. . Altho, i do miss some familiar faces...and yes, you know who you are, so get your asses in gear and get on the double to the new realm. Coffee, cake, beer and all sorts are waiting for you.

We are moving realm.

~Rhaeven~, Mar 15, 14 11:45 PM.
Pack your bags and load up the truck, we're moving to a different realm. Coming next week the guild will pack up and move to Magtheridon. The realm is not full, but seems healthy enough to harbour us and i think we will fit in perfectly. The other option was Draenor, but that is full. so kicked that out of the window. I hope you guys stick with us.
Because we still have a great guild, no matter what
Who we are.

  • Apocalypse
  • Magtheridon (Up)
  • Level 25
  • 115 Members

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  • Recent Guild Perk Mass Resurrection Level 25
Founded, jan 3 2010. Apocalypse is a social, fun 10 man raiding guild. Our main goal is to have fun in game and to share that with like minded players.
If you think that is you, then join us.

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